Week 09

EAP APA Glossary Grammar Vocabulary Presentation skills


    Midterm exam: read and write an essay outline (1 hour and 40 minutes)

    • Use a paper dictionary
      This will help you to understand the texts and to paraphrase.
    • Read the source texts
      Bring highlighters pens. Highlight/annotate the information that you need
    • Organise the information into an outline
      – Write in notes (NOT full sentences)
      – Paraphrase (write the information in your own words, but keep the same meaning)
      – Use bullets / numbering to keep your ideas clear and organised
      – Use citations (next to data/statistics, research, expert opinions, defining key terms)
    • Make sure that you have enough information in your outline
      – Complete all five parts of the outline
      – Ensure you have enough information in the outline to write a 450-word essay (an average of 90 words per paragraph)


    Midterm exam: write the essay (1 hour and 40 minutes)

    • Use your outline to write a 5-paragraph essay (450+ words):
      – Introduction
      – Body Paragraphs 1, 2, and 3
      – Conclusion
    • Write citations next to information from the texts that give:
      – Data/statistics
      – Research
      – Expert opinions
      – Definitions for key terms
    • You will be graded on:

      1. Completing the task (20% of essay grade):
      – Answering the entire question
      – Paraphrasing
      – Using an academic tone

      2. Organising your information (20% of essay grade):
      – Supporting key points
      – Using linking words
      – Writing clearly

      3. Vocabulary (20% of essay grade):
      – Accuracy
      – Spelling
      – Word forms

      4. Grammar (20% of essay grade):
      – Accuracy
      – Punctuation
      – Using different sentence structures (simple, compound, complex)

      5. Citations (20% of essay grade):
      – Using citations after the correct cited information
      – Formatting of citations (AUTHOR, YYYY)