Week 02

EAP APA Glossary Grammar Vocabulary Presentation skills

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The Silk Road

    Source: Castelo, S. (2014) The Silk Road. https://youtu.be/vn3e37VWc0k
    Remember: press “CC” to turn “Subtitles” on. Duration: 05:11


    With APA, there are “in-text” citations and “post-text” references.

    So, if you use information from a source like Steven Pinker’s “The Language Instinct”, using APA style, you would cite it in the text like:

    (Pinker, 1994) or Pinker (1994) or Pinker (1994, p. 75)

    and reference it at the end like:

    Pinker, S. (1994). The Language Instinct. London: Penguin.

    (SURNAME, YYYY) this is the default option:
    …end of sentence (Smith, 1988).
    …end of sentence (Adams & Almansouri, 2013).

    (ORGANISATION, YYYY) use if there are no author details:
    …end of sentence (UNDP, 1988).
    …end of sentence (IMF, 2013).

    (TITLE, YYYY) use if source has no author/organisation details:
    …end of sentence (Liquid Gold, 1988).
    …end of sentence (Trade Imbalances, 2013).

    (SURNAME, ??) if source has no date use n.d. “No Date”:
    …end of sentence (Jones & Marsden, n.d.).
    …end of sentence (World bank, n.d.).