Week 05

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The Falaj Irrigation System

    Source: Gulf News (2014, 8 January). Traditional Falaj irrigation system in Al Ain.
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Aflaj Irrigation Systems

    Source: UNESCO (2013, 5 November). Aflaj Irrigation Systems of Oman.
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Aflaj (traditional irrigation systems)

    The ‘falaj’ irrigation system is seen as an engineering achievement. Some alflaj are around 3000 years old. They consist of stone channels aboveground, underground tunnels, and shallow hand dug wells that are a few meters deep. In the most common falaj, gravity pulls the water from the underground tunnels into the open, aboveground stone channels, Finally, it is moved towards the areas that needed to be irrigated like gardens and farms. In the past, this system was not only significant as a method of transporting water, but also allowed for settlements to develop that otherwise would not have survived. They provided permanent water sources used for sustainable agriculture and drinking water.

    With regard to the above text, identify any vocabulary that is new to you and locate these words in your dictionary.

    – Reading with highlighting and annotation
    – Outline with key parts/points in note form
    – Use citations (Al Mansouri, 2015) where required
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