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Analytical report writing: Blackberry

BlackBerry is (or ‘was’) a line of smartphones and services designed and marketed by a Canadian company of the same name (the company was formerly known as Research In Motion). For a time, BlackBerry was considered one of the most prominent smartphone makers in the world. It specialised in secure communications and mobile productivity. At its peak there were 85 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide. However, BlackBerry has since lost its dominant position in the market and by March 2016 it had only 23 million subscribers. In September 2016, Blackberry announced it had stopped designing and manufacturing its own phones in favour of outsourcing this task to other companies.


Presentation: Blackberry


BlackBerry: describe the company’s history and growth and then give two reasons for the downfall of its mobile phone product line.


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VIDEO: “BlackBerry: Rise and Fall”

Source: McNish, J. &, Silcoff, S. (2015). What’s behind the dramatic rise and fall of BlackBerry? The Globe and Mail.
Notes: turn on “Substitles/close captions” to read the transcript  Duration: 02:55

Questions related to the video:

1. What happened between 1999 and 2009?

2. What did the experts say the key reason for BlackBerry’s failure (demise/downfall) was?

3. What was the “Storm”? And, what special feature did it have and why?

4. What did the experts say BlackBerry revolutionised?

5. What term (word/phrase) did Blackberry introduce?