Agree or Disagree (making choices)

Life is full of choices. Today we are spoilt for choice! Think about all the types (kinds/brands) of toothpaste there are for sale at your local supermarket.

Which do you prefer?

On your birthday, where would you choose to eat?
A surfeit of fast food

A “stayshon” or a “vetik”

How would you prefer to travel to Dubai? … [reasons include: style, comfort and safety]

Tea or Coffee?

Which is best? … [reasons include: taste and health benefits/costs] … the answer is here!
tea or coffee?


Error Correction Codes

When you are given feedback on your written work, teachers normally use symbols (رموز) and abbreviations (الاختصارات) such as the red ones below:

By understanding these “error correction codes”, you will become more aware of the common errors/mistakes you make when writing in English. This knowledge can improve your overall English writing abilities.


Worksheets &c.

Error Correction Codes

Worksheet 01 [Choosing, brainstorming & vocabulary]

Worksheet 02 [How to write opinion-based essays]


Model agree/disagree essays

Agree/Disagree: Should all careers be open to women?

Agree/Disagree: Should university students have their own bedrooms?