Grammar (an introduction)

Dialect Vocabulary Grammar بالإماراتي شو يقولون

Some blurb on verbs

Colloquial Arabic in general simplifies certain aspects of standard Arabic grammar. However, that’s not to say that colloquial Arabic grammar doesn’t present challenges of its own. There are no case endings in 3ammiyya, and there are no dual conjugations of verbs either.

A “b-” present continuous prefix is added to the imperfect (in some parts of the Levant عم is also added before the verb).

Instead of using سـ or سوف to indicate the future, a “h-” prefix is used (although in some parts of the Levant, راح is said before the verb instead).

Negation is simpler with the use of مش as opposed to ليس and its variants, and in Egypt, the past and present tenses are negated with a ما…ش prefix-suffix combination (the Levant usually just uses the “ma” prefix).

The future tense is negated with مش instead of لن. And so forth.