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In general, academic texts are written formally in a gender neutral, non-judgmental, non-rehtorical style. There are now a number of “academic word lists” that have been compiled via the use of concordance tools.

In Teaching and Learning Vocabulary (1990), Nation argues that vocabulary acquisition should begin with the most frequent 2,000 words—i.e. those in the General Service List (GSL)—as everybody, irrespective of academic field, needs to know these words. In fact they make up about 87 percent of an average written text. After this point, general frequency becomes less useful as a guide to what vocabular to learn. Probably it is best to study words specific to your field of interest. However, as a general academic guide Coxhead’s Academic Word List (AWL) is particularly useful (Coxhead, 2000).

Coxhead, Averil. (2000). A New Academic Word List. TESOL Quarterly, 34(2): 213-238.
Nation, Paul. (1990). Teaching and Learning Vocabulary. Newbury House: New York.

Graphs & ImagesTo really “know” a word you will need to:
Use it in the correct context (how, where and when)
Spell and pronounce it correctly
Be aware of (1) its meaning/s and definition/s
(2) its grammatical form (e.g. adjective, noun or verb)
(3) its synonyms and antonyms (related and opposite words)

Word Syllables Translation &c.
Introduction in·tro·duc·tion
مقدمة [noun]
Verb (used with Object): in·tro·duce
The final part of e.g. an essay; a book or a film.
— My agree/disagree essay introduction has three parts.
— Mr Smith introduced us to Mr Balotelli.
Conclusion con·clu·sion
استنتاج [noun]
Verb (used with Object): con·clude
The final part of e.g. an essay; a book or a film.
— In conclusion, this essay focused on the issue of diabetes…
— The teacher concluded the lesson by showing us a film.
Nowadays now·a·days
في الوقت الحاضر / في هذه الأيام [adverb]
At the present day; in these times; in this day in age.
Nowadays most students are bringing smartphones to school…
These days these · days في الوقت الحاضر / في هذه الأيام [adverb]
At the present day; nowadays; in this day in age.
These days almost all students in Qatar have a smartphone.
Entrepreneur en•tre•pre•neur
مقاول [noun]
a person who organises and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.
— The BBC has a range of services for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
Synonyms: businessman/businesswoman.
Bond bond
سند مالي [noun]
An agreement typically with legally binding force.
Synonyms: guarantee, promise, pledge.
Deadline dead•line
الموعد النهائي [noun]
The latest time or date by which something should be completed.
— The deadline for the homework is Friday 13th February.
Synonyms: finishing date, cut-off point.
Credit cred•it
رصيد [noun]
The ability of a customer (business or government) to obtain goods or services before payment. It is based on the trust that payment will be made in the future (usually with interest).
Credit cards sometimes result in people buying more things than they can realistically afford.
Mortgage mort•gage
رهن [noun]
Similar to debt, but usually linked to money borrowed to by a property (e.g., an apartment or a villa).
— Mr Smith had to visit three banks in order to get a mortgage to by his first apartment.
Recession re•ces•sion
(ركود اقتصادي) [noun]
A period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.
*** Shorter in time than an economic depression.
Synonyms: economic decline, downturn, slump.
Borrow bor•row
(اقتراض) [verb]
To take and use (something that belongs to someone else) with the intention of returning it.
— Fatima always asked to borrow a pencil from the teacher.
Lend lend
(إقراض) [verb]
To grant (someone) the use of something on the understanding that it will be returned.
— The teacher always ended up lending Fatima a pencil.
Depression de•pres•sion
(ركود اقتصادي) [noun]
A period during which business, employment, and stock-market values decline severely or remain at a very low level of activity for a prolonged period of time.
— The economic depression of the 1930s led to a lot of social problems in the USA.
*** Longer than an economic recession.
Debt debt
(دين) [noun]
Something (usually money), that is owed by someone to someone else.
— Before leaving the UAE, Kareem had to pay back all his debts to the bank.
Synonyms: bill, dues, arrears, charges, financial obligation, outstanding payment, money owed.
Austerity aus•ter•i•ty
(تقشف) [noun]
Difficult economic conditions created by government measures to reduce public expenditure..
— Due to the sharp fall in oil prices, the country was subjected to a period of austerity which meant big cuts in public spending.
Penury pen•u•ry
(فقر) (بؤس) [noun]
The state of being very poor and having to live in extreme poverty.
— As a result of the economic depression many families were forced to live in penury.
Synonyms: extreme poverty, hardship.
Speculate spec•u•late
(تأمل) (خمن) [verb]
To engage in any business transaction involving considerable risk with potentially large gains, especially to buy and sell stocks and shared.
— It is often said that if you do not speculate you will not accumulate.
Synonyms: gamble, take a risk/chance.
Hindsight hind•sight
الإدراك المتأخر [noun]
Understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed.
— With hindsight, Jameela should never have taken out that mortgage.
Inflation in•fla•tion
تضخم مالي [noun]
Economics: a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.
— The government are introducing policies aimed at controlling inflation.
Analogy a•nal•o•gy
تشابه جزئي [noun]
A comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.
— The professor made an analogy between the workings of nature and those of human societies.
Agenda a•gen•da
جدول الأعمال [noun]
Formally a plural of, agendum but usually used as a singular with plural, agendas or agenda. A list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon, etc.
— The chairman says we have a lengthy agenda this afternoon.
Communication com•mu•ni•ca•tion
الاتصالات [noun]
Something imparted, interchanged, or transmitted; communications: the means of sending messages, orders, etc.
Gesture ges•ture
إيماء [noun]
verb: ges•ture
[noun] A movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning.
[verb] To make a gesture.
— Alex made a gesture to say thank-you.
— Alia gestered meaningfully with her hands for everyone in the audience to be quiet.
Synonyms: signal, sign, motion, indication, gesticulation, show.
Posture pos•ture
وضعة [noun]
verb: pos•ture
A position of a person’s body when standing or sitting.
— He stood in a flamboyant posture with his hands on his hips.
Synonyms: pose, strike an attitude, attitude, stance, standpoint, point of view, opinion, position, frame of mind.
Pronunciation pro•nun•ci•a•tion
النطق [noun]
The way in which a word is pronounced; the act or result of producing the sounds of speech.
Intonation in•to•na•tion
ترتيل [noun]
The rise and fall of the voice in speaking, especially the pitch pattern of a sentence, which distinguishes kinds of sentences or speakers of different language cultures.
— She spoke English with a strong Arabic intonation.
Emphasis em•pha•sis
نبرة [noun]
Stress given to a word or words when speaking to indicate particular importance.
— They placed great emphasis on the individual’s freedom.
Synonyms: stress, accent, force.
Fundamental fun•da•men•tal
noun: fun•da•men•tal
[adjective] Forming a necessary base or core; of central importance.
[noun] A central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.
— The UN is designed to protect a number of fundamental human rights.
— Two courses cover the fundamentals of microbiology.
Synonyms: basic, rudimentary, elemental, elementary, underlying, root.
Strategic stra•te•gic
إستراتيجي [adjective]
Relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.
Strategic planning for the organization is the responsibility of top management.
Synonyms: planned, calculated, deliberate
Forecast fore•cast
توقعات [verb]
noun: fore•cast
A calculation or estimate of future events, especially coming weather or a financial trend; to predict or estimate (a future event or trend).
— Rain is firecast for Oman.
Synonyms: prediction, prophecy, forewarning, prognostication, augury, divination, prognosis, projection, calculation
Analyse an•a•lyse
تحليل [verb]
Examine (something) methodically and in detail, typically in order to explain and interpret it.
— We need to analyse our results more clearly.
Synonyms: examine, inspect, survey, scan, study, scrutinize, look over, peruse.
Evaluate e•val•u•ate
تقييم [verb]
To form an idea about the quality of something or, the amount, number, or value of something.
Synonyms: assess, judge, estimate, appraise, analyse, examine.
Opportunity op•por•tu•ni•ty
فرصة [noun]
— Due to the cold weather in Europe we may see increased opportunities for exporting our warm jackets.
Synonyms: chance, window (of opportunity), possibility, new lease on life.
Economic term: “opportunity cost” تكلفة الفرصة
Tradeoff trade•off
A balance achieved between two desirable but incompatible features; a compromise.
— Julie and John agreed a trade-off, John would be allowed a cat so long as Julie was allowed a dog (John didn’t like dogs, Julie didn’t like cats).
Executive ex•ec•u•tive
تنفيذي [adjective]
noun: ex•ec•u•tive
[adjective] Relating to or having the power to put plans or actions into effect.
[noun] A person with senior managerial responsibility in a business.
— John was the Chief Executive Officer at the Smithsonian Institute.
— The board of directors gave Layla executive powers.
Synonyms: administrative, decision-making, directorial, managerial.
Commerce com•merce
تجارة [noun]
The reduction in corporation tax was a benefit to commerce.
Synonyms: trade, trading, buying and selling, business, bargaining, dealing.
Trade trade
تجارة [noun]
verb: trade
[noun] The action of buying and selling goods and services; a job requiring manual skills and special training.
[verb] Buy and sell goods and services; To exchange (something) for something else, typically as a commercial transaction.
— Many countries would like to see the total ban in the ivory trade.
— Khaled trades oil, he’s been trading in for years.
Synonyms: exchange.
Stock stock
الأوراق المالية [noun]
The capital raised by a company or corporation through the issue and subscription of shares.
— Between 1999 and 2012 the value of the company’s stock rose by 72 per cent.
— The value of the company’s stock rose by 86 per cent.”
Synonyms: capital, funds, assets, property.
Share share
شارك [noun]
One of the equal parts into which a company’s capital is divided, entitling the holder of the share to a proportion of the company’s profits (or losses).
— Jameela has decided to sell her shares in Google.
Advantage ad•van•tage
ميزة [noun]
Antonym: dis•ad•van•tage
— The main advantage of iPads is that they save paper.
— The main disadvantage of iPads is that they are expensive.
Approximately ap•prox•i•mate•ly
ما يقرب من [adverb]
Adjective: approximate | Similar to: a•round; a•bout (حوالي)
— There are approximately 800,000 Emiratis.
— The approximate number of Emiratis is 800,000.
Cause cause
سبب [noun]
Verb: cause | Antonyms: consequence / effect / result
— The car accident caused a traffic jam.
Effect ef•fect
تأثير [noun]
Adjective: effective | Antonyms: cause / reason
— The most negative effect of too much sun is skin cancer.
Describe de•scribe
وصف [verb]
Noun: de·scrip·tion | Adjective: de·scrip·tive
— In this report, I will describe each stage in detail.
Discuss dis·cuss
بحث [verb (used with object)]
noun: dis·cus·sion
To consider/debate: different opinions on a subject.
— In this essay I will discuss the issue of junk food in schools.
— The discussion in class today was about global warming.
Detail de·tail
فصل [noun]
To focus on one thing and provide information about it.
— In this essay I will look in detail at the issue of…
For instance for · in·stance
Has the same meaning as “for example”.
— I like most fruit for instance, apricots, apples and raspberries.
Diagram di•a•gram
رسم بياني [noun]
— The diagram shows the process of desalinating water.
Essay ess•ay مقالة [noun]
— In this essay, I will argue that the main effects of obesity are…
Report re•port
بيان [noun]
— In this report I will compare and contrast between…
Compare com•pare
قارن [verb]
Noun: com·par·i·son | Adjective: com·par·a·tive
Where two things are similar.
— In this report I will compare and contrast these two smartphones.
Contrast con•trast
تباين [noun]
Adverb: con·trast·a·bly | Adjective: con·trast·a·ble
—Where two things are different.
— In this report I will compare and contrast these two smartphones.
Different dif·fer·ent
مختلف [adjective]
Noun: dif·fer·ence
Where some people/things are not the same.
— Rabbits are very different from tortoises.
— There is a major difference between rabbits and tortoises.
Double dou·ble
مضاعف [noun]
Where something is twice as big; two times larger.
— Al Ain mall has double the number of book stores compared to Bawadi mall.
Obvious ob·vi·ous
واضح [noun]
Where something is clear; easy to see.
— The most obvious difference between these two cars is …
Overall o·ver·all
شامل [adverb]
Describing the general trend.
Overall, the differences are greater than the similarities.
Similar sim·i·lar
مماثل [adjective] (مماثل ولكن ليس بنفس)
Noun: sim·i·lar·i·ty
Used for describing things where the difference is small.
— There is just one similarity, between these two cars.
— These two cars are similar in a number of ways.
Whereas where·as
حيث أن [conjunction]
Used for contrasting two things (think: “but”).
— The USA is large in size whereas, Bahrain is small.
Reason rea•son
سبب [noun]
The first key reason, for my opinion is …
Necessary nec·es·sar·y
ضروري [adjective]
Something that is essential, indispensable, or required.
— Water is necessary for life as we know it.
Result re•sult
نتيجة [noun/verb]
— Smoking often results in cancer.
Consequence con·se·quence
نتيجة [noun]
Adverb: con·se·quent·ly
Another word for effect/result.
— The exam was easy, as a consequence, most students passed.
— It rained consequently, I went outside.
Positive pos·i·tive
إيجابي [adjective]
Used for describing an advantage (think: “good”).
— A positive, result of reading is gaining background ideas and knowledge.
Negative neg·a·tive
سلبي [adjective]
Used for describing a disadvantage (think: “bad”).
— A negative, consequence of watching too much TV might be eye ache.
Harmful harm·ful
مضر [adjective]
Noun/Verb: harm
Used to describe a negative effect.
— Eating too much fast food can have many harmful consequences.
Beneficial ben·e·fi·cial
مفيد [adjective]
Noun: ben·e·fit
Used to describe a positive effect.
— Eating lots of carrots may benefit your health.
Factor fac·tor
عامل [noun]
Noun: fac·tor
Used to describe a point.
— One factor that contributes to obesity is eating too much junk food.
Moreover more·o·ver
علاوة على ذلك [adverb]
In addition to what has been said; also; furthermore.
— There are many examples. Firstly, … Moreover, …
However how·ev·er
لكن [adverb]
Has the same meaning as “but”. Nevertheless; yet; on the other hand.
— Money is important however, happiness is more important.
Furthermore fur·ther·more
علاوة على ذلك [adverb]
In addition to what has been said; also; moreover.
— There are many examples. Firstly, … Furthermore, …
Therefore there·fore
ول / بسبب هذا / هكذا [adverb]
Has the same meaning as “so” and “because of this…”
— I am tired therefore, I am going to bed.

 Academic Word List

Here, the head words are listed alphabetically, with their sub-list group numbers to the left (ranging from 1, most frequent, to 10, least frequent)

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W

abandon 8 abstract 6 academy 5
access 4 accommodate 9 accompany 8
accumulate 8 accurate 6 achieve 2
acknowledge 6 acquire 2 adapt 7
adequate 4 adjacent 10 adjust 5
administrate 2 adult 7 advocate 7
affect 2 aggregate 6 aid 7
albeit 10 allocate 6 alter 5
alternative 3 ambiguous 8 amend 5
analogy 9 analyse 1 annual 4
anticipate 9 apparent 4 append 8
appreciate 8 approach 1 appropriate 2
approximate 4 arbitrary 8 area 1
aspect 2 assemble 10 assess 1
assign 6 assist 2 assume 1
assure 9 attach 6 attain 9
attitude 4 attribute 4 author 6
authority 1 automate 8 available 1
aware 5 behalf 9 benefit 1
bias 8 bond 6 brief 6
bulk 9 capable 6 capacity 5
category 2 cease 9 challenge 5
channel 7 chapter 2 chart 8
chemical 7 circumstance 3 cite 6
civil 4 clarify 8 classic 7
clause 5 code 4 coherent 9
coincide 9 collapse 10 colleague 10
commence 9 comment 3 commission 2
commit 4 commodity 8 communicate 4
community 2 compatible 9 compensate 3
compile 10 complement 8 complex 2
component 3 compound 5 comprehensive 7
comprise 7 compute 2 conceive 10
concentrate 4 concept 1 conclude 2
concurrent 9 conduct 2 confer 4
confine 9 confirm 7 conflict 5
conform 8 consent 3 consequent 2
considerable 3 consist 1 constant 3
constitute 1 constrain 3 construct 2
consult 5 consume 2 contact 5
contemporary 8 context 1 contract 1
contradict 8 contrary 7 contrast 4
contribute 3 controversy 9 convene 3
converse 9 convert 7 convince 10
cooperate 6 coordinate 3 core 3
corporate 3 correspond 3 couple 7
create 1 credit 2 criteria 3
crucial 8 culture 2 currency 8
cycle 4 data 1 debate 4
decade 7 decline 5 deduce 3
define 1 definite 7 demonstrate 3
denote 8 deny 7 depress 10
derive 1 design 2 despite 4
detect 8 deviate 8 device 9
devote 9 differentiate 7 dimension 4
diminish 9 discrete 5 discriminate 6
displace 8 display 6 dispose 7
distinct 2 distort 9 distribute 1
diverse 6 document 3 domain 6
domestic 4 dominate 3 draft 5
drama 8 duration 9 dynamic 7
economy 1 edit 6 element 2
eliminate 7 emerge 4 emphasis 3
empirical 7 enable 5 encounter 10
energy 5 enforce 5 enhance 6
enormous 10 ensure 3 entity 5
environment 1 equate 2 equip 7
equivalent 5 erode 9 error 4
establish 1 estate 6 estimate 1
ethic 9 ethnic 4 evaluate 2
eventual 8 evident 1 evolve 5
exceed 6 exclude 3 exhibit 8
expand 5 expert 6 explicit 6
exploit 8 export 1 expose 5
external 5 extract 7 facilitate 5
factor 1 feature 2 federal 6
fee 6 file 7 final 2
finance 1 finite 7 flexible 6
fluctuate 8 focus 2 format 9
formula 1 forthcoming 10 foundation 7
found 9 framework 3 function 1
fund 3 fundamental 5 furthermore 6
gender 6 generate 5 generation 5
globe 7 goal 4 grade 7
grant 4 guarantee 7 guideline 8
hence 4 hierarchy 7 highlight 8
hypothesis 4 identical 7 identify 1
ideology 7 ignorance 6 illustrate 3
image 5 immigrate 3 impact 2
implement 4 implicate 4 implicit 8
imply 3 impose 4 incentive 6
incidence 6 incline 10 income 1
incorporate 6 index 6 indicate 1
individual 1 induce 8 inevitable 8
infer 7 infrastructure 8 inherent 9
inhibit 6 initial 3 initiate 6
injure 2 innovate 7 input 6
insert 7 insight 9 inspect 8
instance 3 institute 2 instruct 6
integral 9 integrate 4 integrity 10
intelligence 6 intense 8 interact 3
intermediate 9 internal 4 interpret 1
interval 6 intervene 7 intrinsic 10
invest 2 investigate 4 invoke 10
involve 1 isolate 7 issue 1
item 2 job 4 journal 2
justify 3 label 4 labour 1
layer 3 lecture 6 legal 1
legislate 1 levy 10 liberal 5
licence 5 likewise 10 link 3
locate 3 logic 5 maintain 2
major 1 manipulate 8 manual 9
margin 5 mature 9 maximise 3
mechanism 4 media 7 mediate 9
medical 5 medium 9 mental 5
method 1 migrate 6 military 9
minimal 9 minimise 8 minimum 6
ministry 6 minor 3 mode 7
modify 5 monitor 5 motive 6
mutual 9 negate 3 network 5
neutral 6 nevertheless 6 nonetheless 10
norm 9 normal 2 notion 5
notwithstanding 10 nuclear 8 objective 5
obtain 2 obvious 4 occupy 4
occur 1 odd 10 offset 8
ongoing 10 option 4 orient 5
outcome 3 output 4 overall 4
overlap 9 overseas 6 panel 10
paradigm 7 paragraph 8 parallel 4
parameter 4 participate 2 partner 3
passive 9 perceive 2 percent 1
period 1 persist 10 perspective 5
phase 4 phenomenon 7 philosophy 3
physical 3 plus 8 policy 1
portion 9 pose 10 positive 2
potential 2 practitioner 8 precede 6
precise 5 predict 4 predominant 8
preliminary 9 presume 6 previous 2
primary 2 prime 5 principal 4
principle 1 prior 4 priority 7
proceed 1 process 1 professional 4
prohibit 7 project 4 promote 4
proportion 3 prospect 8 protocol 9
psychology 5 publication 7 publish 3
purchase 2 pursue 5 qualitative 9
quote 7 radical 8 random 8
range 2 ratio 5 rational 6
react 3 recover 6 refine 9
regime 4 region 2 register 3
regulate 2 reinforce 8 reject 5
relax 9 release 7 relevant 2
reluctance 10 rely 3 remove 3
require 1 research 1 reside 2
resolve 4 resource 2 respond 1
restore 8 restrain 9 restrict 2
retain 4 reveal 6 revenue 5
reverse 7 revise 8 revolution 9
rigid 9 role 1 route 9
scenario 9 schedule 8 scheme 3
scope 6 section 1 sector 1
secure 2 seek 2 select 2
sequence 3 series 4 sex 3
shift 3 significant 1 similar 1
simulate 7 site 2 so-called 10
sole 7 somewhat 7 source 1
specific 1 specify 3 sphere 9
stable 5 statistic 4 status 4
straightforward 10 strategy 2 stress 4
structure 1 style 5 submit 7
subordinate 9 subsequent 4 subsidy 6
substitute 5 successor 7 sufficient 3
sum 4 summary 4 supplement 9
survey 2 survive 7 suspend 9
sustain 5 symbol 5 tape 6
target 5 task 3 team 9
technical 3 technique 3 technology 3
temporary 9 tense 8 terminate 8
text 2 theme 8 theory 1
thereby 8 thesis 7 topic 7
trace 6 tradition 2 transfer 2
transform 6 transit 5 transmit 7
transport 6 trend 5 trigger 9
ultimate 7 undergo 10 underlie 6
undertake 4 uniform 8 unify 9
unique 7 utilise 6 valid 3
vary 1 vehicle 8 version 5
via 8 violate 9 virtual 8
visible 7 vision 9 visual 8
volume 3 voluntary 7 welfare 5
whereas 5 whereby 10 widespread 8

 General Service List

The original General Service List list had about 2000 headwords and about 1500 related words, making about 3500 words altogether. In the original list, different verb forms were not given (e.g. work, works, working), neither were plurals (e.g. book, books), nor the months, days of the week and numbers. However, such words have been added to the list below (which in total contains around 5,500 words).

Headwords Related words Definition
a a
able ability able
about about
above above
abroad abroad
absence absent absence
absolutely absolutely
accept accepts, accepted, accepting accept
accident accidents, accidental, accidentally accident
accord according to accord
account accounts, accounted, accounting account
accuse accuses, accused, accusing accuse
accustom accustom
ache aches ache
across across
act acts, acted, acting, actor, actors, actress, actresses, action, actions, active, actively, activity, activities act
actual actually actual
add adds, adding, added add
address addresses address
admire admires, admiring, admired, admiration admire
admit admits, admitted, admitting, admission admit
adopt adopts, adopted, adopting, adoption adopt
advance in advance, advanced advance
advantage advantages advantage
adventure adventures adventure
advertise advertises, advertised, advertising, advertisement advertise
advice advise, advises, advised, advising advice
aeroplane airplane, aeroplanes, airplanes aeroplane
affair affairs affair
afford affords, affording, afforded afford
afraid afraid
after after
afternoon afternoons afternoon
again again
against against
age ages age
agent agents, agency agent
ago ago
agree agrees, agreed, agreeing, agreement, disagree, disagrees, disagreed, disagreeing, disagreement agree
agriculture agricultural agriculture
ahead ahead
aim aims, aimed, aiming, aimless aim
air air-tight air
alike alike
alive alive
all all
allow allows, allowed, allowing, allowance allow
almost almost
alone alone
along along with along
aloud aloud
already already
also also
although although
altogether altogether
always always
ambition ambitions, ambitious ambition
among among
amongst amongst
amount amount
amuse amuses, amused, amusing, amusement amuse
ancient ancient
an an
and and
anger angry anger
angle angles angle
angry angry
animal animals animal
annoy annoyed, annoys, annoying, annoyance annoy
another another
answer answers, answering, answered answer
anxiety anxious anxiety
any anybody, anyhow, anything, anywhere any
apart apart
apologise apologises, apologised, apologising, apology, apologies apologise
appear appears, appeared, appearing, disappear, disappears, disappeared, disappearing, appearance, appearances, disappearance appear
applaud applauds, applauding, applauded, applause applaud
apple apples apple
apply applies, applied, applying, application, applications apply
appoint appoints, appointing, appointed, appointment, appointments appoint
approve approves, approved, approving, disapprove, disapproves, disapproved, approval approve
April April
arch arched, archway arch
argue argues, argued, arguing, argument, arguments argue
arise arises, arose, arising arise
arm arms, armour, unarmed arm
army armies army
around around
arrange arranges, arranged, arranging, arrangement, arrangement arrange
arrest arrested, arrests, arresting arrest
arrive arrived, arrives,, arriving, arrival arrive
arrow arrows arrow
art artist, artists, artistic art
article articles article
artificial artificial
as as
ash ash
ashamed ashamed
aside aside
ask asks, asked, asking ask
asleep asleep
association associations association
astonish astonishes, astonished, astonishing, astonishment astonish
at at
attack attacks attack
attempt attempts attempt
attend attends, attended, attending, attention, attentive attend
attract attracts, attracted, attracting, attraction, attractive attract
audience audiences audience
august august
aunt aunts aunt
autumn autumn
avenue avenues avenue
average average
avoid avoids, avoided, avoiding, avoidance, unavoidable, unavoidably avoid
awake wakes, awoke, awaking awake
away away
awkward awkwardly, awkwardness awkward
axe axes axe
baby babies baby
back backbone, background, backward back
bad badly bad
bag bags bag
baggage baggage
bake bakes, baked, baking bake
balance balances, balancing, balanced balance
ball balls ball
band bands band
bank banks bank
bar bars bar
barber barbers barber
bare bare
bargain bargains bargain
barrel barrels barrel
base bases, based, basing, basic base
basin basins basin
basket baskets basket
bath baths, bathed, bathe bath
battle battles battle
bay bays bay
be been, is, are, was, were, being be
beak beaks beak
beam beams beam
bean beans bean
bear bears, bearing bear
beard beards beard
beast beasts beast
beat beats, beating beat
beauty beautiful, beautifully beauty
because because
become becomes, became, becoming become
bed beds, bedding, bedroom, bedrooms bed
before before
beg begs, begging, begged, beggar beg
begin begins, began, begun, beginning, beginnings begin
behave behaves, behaved, behaving, behaviour behave
behind behind
being well-being being
believe believes, believed, believing, belief believe
bell bells bell
belong belongs, belonged, belonging belong
below below
belt belts belt
bend bends, bending, bent bend
beneath beneath
berry berries berry
beside besides beside
best best
better better
between between
beyond beyond
bicycle bicycles bicycle
big big
bill bills bill
bind binds, bound, binding bind
bird birds bird
birth birth
bit bit
bite bites, bit bite
bitter bitterness bitter
black black
blade blades blade
blame blames, blamed, blaming blame
bless blesses, blessing, blessed, blessing bless
blind blinds, blinded, blinding blind
block blocks block
blood bleed blood
blow blows, blowing, blew blow
blue blue
board boards board
boast boasts, boasting, boasted, boastful boast
boat boats boat
body bodies, bodily, body-guard body
boil boils, boiled, boiling, boiler boil
bold boldly bold
bone bones bone
book books book
border borders border
born born
borrow borrows, borrowed, borrowing borrow
both both
bottle bottles bottle
bottom bottoms bottom
bound bounded, bounds bound
boundary boundaries boundary
bow bows, bowing, bowed bow
bowl bowls bowl
box boxes box
boy boys boy
brain brains brain
branch branches branch
brass brass
brave bravely, bravery brave
bread bread
break breaks, broke, breaking, breakage break
breakfast breakfast
breath breathe, breathing breath
bribe bribes, bribing, bribed, bribery bribe
brick bricks brick
bridge bridges bridge
bright brighten bright
bring brings, bringing, brought bring
broad broadcast, breadth broad
brother brothers brother
brown brown
brush brushes brush
bucket buckets bucket
build builds, built, building build
bunch bunches bunch
bundle bundles bundle
burn burns, burned, burnt, burning burn
burst bursts burst
bury buries, buried, burying, burial, burial-place, burial-ground bury
bus buses bus
bush bushes bush
business businesses, businesslike, unbusinesslike business
busy busily busy
but but
butter butter
button buttons, buttoned, buttoning, unbutton button
buy buys, buying, bought buy
by by
cage cages cage
cake cakes cake
calculate calculates, calculated, calculating calculate
call calls, called, calling call
calm calmly, calmness calm
camera cameras camera
camp camps, camped, camping camp
can could can
canal canals canal
cap caps cap
cape capes cape
capital capitals capital
captain captains captain
car cars car
card cards card
care cares, cared, caring, careful, careless care
carriage carriages carriage
carry carries, carrying, carried carry
cart carts cart
case cases case
castle castles castle
cat cats cat
catch catches catch
cattle cattle
cause causes, caused, causing cause
caution cautious, cautiously caution
cave caves cave
cent cents cent
centre centres centre
century centuries century
ceremony ceremonies, ceremonial, ceremonious ceremony
certain certainly, certainty, uncertainty certain
chain chains chain
chair chairs, chairman chair
chalk chalk
chance chances chance
change changes, changed, changing change
character characters character
charge charges, charged, charging charge
charm charms, charmed, charming charm
cheap cheaply cheap
cheat cheats, cheated, cheating cheat
check checks, checked, checking check
cheer cheerful, cheerfully cheer
cheese cheese
cheque cheques cheque
chest chest
chicken chickens chicken
chief chiefly chief
child children, childhood, childish, childlike, child-bearing child
chimney chimneys chimney
choose chooses, chose, chosen, choosing, choice choose
christmas christmas
church church-yard church
circle circular circle
city cities, citizen, citizens city
civilise civilisation civilise
claim claims, claimed, claiming claim
class classify, classified, classifying, classification class
clay clay
clean cleanly, cleanness clean
clear clears, cleared, clearing, clearly, clearness clear
clerk clerks clerk
clever clever
cliff cliffs cliff
climb climbed, climbs, climbing climb
clock clocks, clockwork clock
close closes, closing, closed close
cloth clothed, clothes, clothing cloth
cloud clouds, cloudy cloud
club clubs club
coal coal
coarse coarse
coast coasts, coast-line coast
coat coats, overcoat coat
coffee coffee-pot coffee
coin coins coin
cold coldly, coldness cold
collar collars collar
collect collects, collected, collecting, collection, collector collect
college colleges college
colony colonies, colonist, colonise, colonised, colonial colony
colour colours, colouring colour
comb combs comb
combine combines, combining, combined, combination combine
come comes, came, coming come
comfort comforting, discomfort, comfortable, uncomfortable comfort
command commands command
commerce commercial commerce
committee committees committee
common commonly, uncommon, commonsense common
companion companions, companionship companion
company companies company
compare compares, compared, comparing, comparison compare
compete competes, competed, competing, competition, competitor compete
complain complains, complained, complaining, complaint complain
complete complete
complicated complicated
compose composes, composed, composing, composer, composition compose
concern concerns, concerned, concerning concern
condition conditions condition
confess confesses, confessed, confessing, confession confess
confidence confident, confidential, confidentially confidence
confuse confuses, confused, confusing, confusion confuse
congratulate congratulates, congratulated, congratulating, congratulations congratulate
connect connects, connecting, connected, connection connect
conquer conquers, conquered, conquering, conqueror, conquest conquer
conscience conscience
conscious consciousness, unconscious, unconsciously, unconsciousness conscious
consider considers, considered, considering, considering consider
contain contains, contained, containing, container contain
content contented, discontent, discontented content
continue continues, continued, continuing, continuous, continuously continue
control controls, controlled, controlling control
convenience convenient, inconvenience, inconvenient convenience
conversation conversational conversation
cook cooks, cooked, cooking, cookery cook
cool coolly, coolness cool
copper copper
copy copies, copying, copied copy
cork corkscrew cork
corn corn
corner corners corner
correct corrects, corrected, correcting, correctly, incorrect, correction, corrections correct
cost costs cost
cottage cottages cottage
cotton cotton
cough coughs, coughed, coughing cough
council councils council
count counts, counting, counted count
country countries country
courage courageous courage
course course
court courts, courtyard court
cousin cousins, cousin
cover covers, covered, covering cover
cow cows cow
coward coward, cowardice, cowardly coward
crack cracks, cracking, cracked crack
crash crashes, crashed, crashing crash
cream cream
creature creatures creature
creep creeps creep
crime crimes, criminal crime
critic critics, critical critic
crop crops crop
cross crosses, crossing, crossing cross
crowd crowds crowd
crown crowns crown
cruel cruelly, cruelty cruel
crush crushes, crushed, crushing crush
cry cries, cried, crying cry
cultivate cultivates, cultivating, cultivated, cultivation, cultivator cultivate
cup cups cup
cupboard cupboards cupboard
cure cures, cured, curing cure
curious curiously, curiosity curious
curl curls, curling, curled, curly curl
current currents current
curse curses curse
curtain curtains curtain
curve curves, curving, curved curve
cushion cushions, cushioned cushion
custom customer custom
cut cuts, cutting cut
damage damaged damage
damp damp
dance dances, danced, dancing dance
danger dangerous danger
dare daring dare
dark darken, darkness dark
date dates date
daughter daughter daughter
day days, daily, daylight day
dead death, deathbed dead
deaf deafening deaf
deal deals, dealt, dealer, dealing, dealings deal
dear dearly dear
debt debts debt
decay decays, decaying, decayed decay
deceive deceives, deceived, deceiving, deceit, deceitful deceive
december december
decide decides, deciding, decided, decidedly, decision, decisive decide
declare declares, declared, declaring, declaration declare
decrease decreases, decreased, decreasing decrease
deed deeds deed
deep deepen, deeply, depth deep
deer deer
defeat defeats, defeated, defeating, defendant, defence defeat
defend defends, defended, defending defend
degree degrees degree
delay delays, delayed, delaying delay
delicate delicately delicate
delight delightful, delightfully delight
deliver delivers, delivering, delivered, delivery deliver
demand demands, demanded, demanding demand
department departments department
depend depends, depended, depending, dependent, dependant, dependence depend
descend descends, descended, descending, descendant, descent descend
describe described, describes, describing, description describe
desert deserts, deserted desert
deserve deserves, deserved, deserving deserve
desire desires, desiring, desired desire
desk desks desk
despair despairs, despaired, despairing despair
destroy destroys, destroyed, destroying, destruction, destructive destroy
detail details, detailed detail
determine determines, determining, determined, determination determine
develop develops, developed, developing, development develop
devil devils devil
diamond diamonds diamond
dictionary dictionaries dictionary
die die, died, dying die
difference differences, different difference
difficult difficulty difficult
dig digs, dug, digging dig
dinner dine, dining dinner
dip dips, dipped, dipping dip
direct directs, directed, directing, direction, directly, director direct
dirt dirty dirt
disappoint disappoints, disappointed, disappointing, disappointment disappoint
discipline disciplines discipline
discover discovers, discovering, discovered, discoverer, discovery discover
discuss discusses, discussed, discussing, discussion discuss
disease diseases, diseased disease
disgust disgusts, disgusted, disgusting disgust
dish dishes dish
dismiss dismisses, dismissed, dismissing, dismissal dismiss
distance distances, distant distance
distinguish distinguishes, distinguishing, distinguished distinguish
district districts district
disturb disturbs, disturbed, disturbing, disturbance disturb
ditch ditches ditch
dive dives, diving, diver dive
divide divides, divided, dividing, division divide
do does, did, done do
doctor doctors doctor
dog dogs dog
dollar dollars dollar
donkey donkeys donkey
door doors, indoor, indoors, outdoor, outdoors door
dot dots dot
double double
doubt doubts, doubted, doubting, doubtful, doubtless doubt
down down
dozen dozen
drag drags, dragged, dragging drag
draw draws draw
drawer drawers drawer
dream dreams, dreamy dream
dress dresses dress
drink drinks, drunk, drank, drinking drink
drive drives, drove, driven drive
drop drops, dropped, dropping drop
drown drowns, drowning, drowned drown
drum drums drum
dry dryly, dryness dry
duck ducks duck
due due
dull dullness dull
during during
dust duster, dusty dust
duty duty
each each
eager eagerly eager
ear ears, ear-ring ear
early earliness early
earn earns, earned, earning, earnings earn
earnest earnest
earth earthly, earthworm, earthy earth
ease eases, easing, eased ease
east eastern east
easy easily easy
eat eats, ate, eaten, eating eat
edge edge
educate educates, educating, educated, education, educational, uneducated educate
effect effects, effective, effectively, efficient, efficiency, efficiently effect
effort effort
egg eggs egg
either either
eight eighth eight
eighteen eighteenth eighteen
eighty eightieth eighty
elastic elasticity elastic
elder elder
elect elects, elected, electing, election elect
electricity electrician, electric, electrical electricity
elephant elephants elephant
eleven eleventh eleven
else elsewhere else
empire empires empire
employ employs, employing, employed, unemployed, employee, employer, employment employ
empty empty
enclose enclosure enclose
encourage encourages, encouraged, encouraging, encouragement encourage
end ending, endless end
enemy enemies enemy
engine engines, engineer, engineering engine
english english
enjoy enjoys, enjoyed, enjoying, enjoyable, enjoyment enjoy
enough enough
enquire enquires, enquired, enquiring enquire
enter enters, entered, entering, entrance enter
entertain entertains, entertained, entertaining, entertaining, entertainment entertain
entire entirely entire
entrance entrance
envelope envelopes envelope
envy envies, envied, envious envy
equal equally, equality equal
escape escapes, escaped, escaping escape
especial especially especial
essence essential, essentially essence
even even
evening evening
event eventful, uneventful event
ever everlasting ever
every everyday, everything, everywhere every
evil evil
exact exactly exact
examination examinations, examine, examiner examination
example examples example
excellent excellence, excellently excellent
except excepting, exception except
excess excessive, excessively excess
excite excites, excited, exciting, excitement excite
excuse excuses excuse
exercise exercises, exercised exercise
exist exists, existed, existing, existence exist
expect expects, expected, expecting, expectation expect
expense expenses, expensive expense
experience experiences, experienced experience
experiment experiments, experimental, experimentally experiment
explain explains, explained, explaining, explanation explain
explode explodes, exploded, exploding, explosion, explosive explode
explore explores, explored, exploring explore
express expression express
extend extends, extended, extending, extension, extensive, extensively, extent extend
extra extra
extraordinary extraordinarily extraordinary
extreme extremes, extremely extreme
eye eyes, eye-ball, eyebrow, eyelash, eyelid, eye-sight eye
face faces face
fact facts fact
factory factories factory
fade fades, faded, fading fade
fail fails, failed, failing, failure fail
faint faints, fainted, fainting, faintly, faintness faint
fair unfair, fairly, unfairly fair
faith faiths, faithful, faithfully faith
fall falls, fell, fallen, fall
false falsehood, falsely false
familiar familiar
family families family
famous famous
fan fans fan
fancy fanciful fancy
far far away, far off, far-reaching, farther, farthest far
farm farms farm
fashion fashionable fashion
fast fasten, fastener fast
fat fatness, fatten, fatty fat
fate fate
father fathers father
fatten fattens, fattened, fattening, fatten
fault faultless, faulty fault
favour favourable, favourably favour
favourite favourites favourite
fear fears, feared, fearful, fearless fear
feast feasts, feasting feast
feather feathers feather
february february
feed feeds, feed, feeding feed
feel feels, felt, feeling feel
fellow fellows, fellowship fellow
female females female
fence fences fence
fever fevers, feverish, feverishly fever
few few
field fields field
fierce fiercely fierce
fifteen fifteenth fifteen
fifty fiftieth fifty
fight fights, fighter fight
figure figures figure
fill fills, filled, filling fill
film films film
find finds, found, finding find
fine finely, fineness fine
finger fingers finger
finish finishes, finished, finishing finish
fire fires, firing fire
firm firmly, firmness firm
first first
fish fisherman fish
fit fits, fitting, fitness fit
five fifth five
fix fixes, fixed, fixing fix
flag flags flag
flame flames, flaming flame
flash flashes, flashed, flashing flash
flat flatten flat
flavour flavours flavour
flesh flesh
float floats, floating, floated float
flood floods flood
floor floors floor
flour flour
flow flows, flowing, flowed, overflow flow
flower flowers flower
fly flies, flew, flying fly
fold folds, folded, folding fold
follow follows, followed, following follow
fond fond
food food
fool fools, foolish, foolishness fool
foot feet, football, foothold, footpath, footprint, footstep, footnote foot
for for
forbid forbids, forbidden forbid
force forces, forcing, forced force
foreign foreigner foreign
forest forests forest
forget forgets, forgot, forgetting, forgotten, forgetful, forgetfulness forget
forgive forgives, forgave, forgiveness forgive
fork forks fork
form forms, formed, forming form
formal formally, formality formal
former formerly former
forty fortieth forty
four fourth four
fourteen fourteenth fourteen
fortune fortunes, fortunate, fortunately fortune
forward forwards forward
frame frames, framework frame
free freedom, freely free
freeze freezes, froze, freezing freeze
frequency frequencies frequency
frequent frequent
fresh fresh
friend friends friend
friday friday
fright fright
from from
front front
fruit fruit
fry fries, fried, frying fry
full full
fun funny fun
funeral funerals funeral
fur fur
furnish furniture furnish
further further
future future
gain gains, gained, gaining gain
gallon gallons gallon
game games game
gap gaps gap
garage garages garage
garden gardens, gardener garden
gas gases gas
gate gates, gateway gate
gather gathers, gathered, gathering gather
gay gaiety, gaily gay
general generally general
generous generosity, generously generous
gentle gentleness, gently, gentleman gentle
get gets, got get
girl girls girl
give gives, given, gift give
glad gladly glad
glass glasses, glassy glass
glory glorious, gloriously glory
go goes, gone go
goat goats goat
god gods, goddess, godfather, godmother god
gold gold-dust, goldfish, gold-leaf, gold-mine, goldsmith, golden gold
good good-bye, good day, good nature, goodness, goodnight, goodwill good
govern governs, governed, governing, government, governor govern
grace graceful grace
gradual gradually gradual
grain grains grain
grammar grammatical grammar
grand grand
grass grassy grass
grateful grateful
grave graves, gravestone grave
grease greasy grease
great greatcoat, greatly, greatness great
greed greedy, greedily greed
green green
greet greeting greet
grey grey
grind grinds, ground, grindstone grind
ground grounds, ground-floor, groundwork ground
group groups group
grow grows, growing, grown, growth, grown-up grow
guard guards guard
guess guesses, guessing, guessed guess
guest guests guest
guide guides guide
guilty guilt, guiltless guilty
gun guns, gunboat, gunner, gunpowder gun
habit habits habit
hair hair
half halve, half-hour, half-pay half
hall halls hall
hammer hammers, hammered, hammering hammer
hand hands, handful, handshake, handwriting hand
handkerchief handkerchiefs handkerchief
handle handles handle
hang hangs, hanged, hung, hanging hang
happen happens, happened, happening happen
happy happily happy
harbour harbours harbour
hard harden, hardness hard
hardly hardly
harm harmful, harmless harm
harvest harvest
haste hasten, hastily, hasty haste
hat hats hat
hate hates, hated, hateful, hatred hate
have has, had have
hay hay
he he
head heads, headed, heading, headache, head-dress head
heal heals, healed, healing heal
health health health
heap heaps heap
hear hears, hearing, heard, hearer hear
heart hearts heart
heat heating heat
heaven heavenly heaven
heavy heavily heavy
height height
hello hello
help helps, helped, helper, helpful, helpless help
here here
hesitate hesitates, hesitated, hesitation hesitate
hide hides, hid, hiding hide
high highland, highly, highroad, highway, height, heights, heighten high
hill hills, hillside, hill-top, hilly hill
hinder hinders, hindered, hindering, hindrance hinder
hire hires, hired, hiring hire
his his
history history
hit hits hit
hold holds, held, holding, holder hold
hole holes hole
holiday holidays holiday
hollow hollows hollow
holy holiness holy
home homes, home-made, homeless home
honest honestly, honesty honest
honour honourable, dishonour, dishonourable honour
hook hooks hook
hope hopes, hoped, hopeful, hopeless hope
horizon horizons, horizontal horizon
horse horses, horseback, horseman, horseshoe horse
hospital hospitals hospital
host hosts, hostess host
hot hotly hot
hotel hotels hotel
hour hours, hourly hour
house houses, household, householder, house-keeper, house-keeping, housewife house
how however how
human humans human
humble humbly humble
hundred hundredth hundred
hunger hungry hunger
hunt hunts, hunting, hunted, hunting, hunter hunt
hurrah hurrah
hurry hurries, hurried, hurrying hurry
hurt hurts, hurting hurt
husband husband
hut huts hut
ice icy ice
idea ideas idea
ideal ideal
idle idleness, idly idle
if if
ill illness ill
imagine imaginary, imagination, imaginative imagine
imitate imitates, imitated, imitating, imitation imitate
immediate immediately immediate
immense immense
important importance important
impossible impossible
improve improves, improved, improving, improved, improvement improve
in inborn, indoor, inward in
inch inches inch
include includes, included, including, inclusive include
increase increases, increased, increasing increase
indeed indeed
independent independently, independence independent
industry industries, industrial industry
influence influences, influential influence
inform informs, informed, informing, information inform
ink inky ink
in-law in-law
inn inn
inquire inquires, inquired, inquiring, inquiry inquire
insect insects insect
inside inside
instant instantly instant
instead instead
instrument instruments, instrumental instrument
insult insults, insulted, insulting insult
insure insures, insured, insuring, insurance insure
intend intends, intended, intending, intention, intentional, intentionally intend
interest interesting interest
interfere interferes, interfered, interfering, interference interfere
international international
interrupt interrupts, interrupted, interrupting, interruption interrupt
into into
introduce introduces, introduced, introducing, introduction introduce
invent invents, invented, inventing, invention, inventor invent
invite invited, invites, inviting, invitation invite
inward inwards, inwardly inward
iron iron-age, iron-mine, iron-ore, iron-work iron
island islands island
it it
its its
january january
jaw jaws jaw
jealous jealousy jealous
jewel jewels jewel
join joins, joined, joint, jointly join
joint joints joint
joke jokes joke
journey journeys journey
joy joyful joy
judge judges, judgment judge
juice juicy juice
july july
jump jumps, jumped, jumping jump
june june
just justice, justly, unjust, unjustly just
keep keeps, kept, keeping, keeper keep
key keys key
kick kicks, kicked, kicking kick
kill kills, killed, killing kill
kind unkind, kindly, kindness kind
king kings, kingdom king
kiss kisses, kissed, kissing kiss
kitchen kitchens kitchen
knee knees knee
knife knives knife
knock knocks, knocked, knocking knock
knot knots knot
know knows, knew, knowing, knowledge know
lack lacks, lacked, lacking lack
ladder ladders ladder
lady ladies lady
lake lakes lake
lamp lamps lamp
land lands, landed, landing, landlord land
language languages language
large largely large
last last
late lately late
latter latter
laugh laughs, laughed, laughing, laughter, laughable laugh
law laws, lawful, unlawful, lawfully, unlawfully, lawless, lawyer law
lay lays, laid lay
lazy lazy
lead leads, led, leading, leader, leadership lead
leaf leaves, leafless, leafy leaf
lean leans, leaned, leant, leaning lean
learn learns, learned, learning learn
least least
leather leather
leave leaves, left, leaving leave
left left
leg legs leg
lend lends, lent lend
length length
less lessen, lessening less
lesson lessons lesson
let let
letter letters letter
level levels level
liberty liberty
library libraries, librarian library
lid lids lid
lie lies, lying, liar lie
life lives life
lift lifts lift
light lights, lighter, light-house, lighten, light-hearted, lightly, lightness, light-weight light
like likes, liked, liking, alike, unlike like
likely unlikely likely
limb limbs limb
limit limits, limitation limit
line lines line
lip lips, lipstick lip
liquid liquid
list lists list
listen listened, listens, listening, listener listen
literature literary literature
little little
live lives, living, life-boat, lifeless, life-like, life-long, life-size live
load load
loaf loaves loaf
loan loans loan
local locally local
lock locks, locked, locking, unlock lock
lodging lodging
log logs log
lonely loneliness lonely
long long-lived, long-sighted, long-suffering long
look looks, looked, looking, look-out look
loose loosely, loosen loose
lord lords lord
lose loses, losing, lost, loss lose
loss loss
lot lot
loud loudly loud
love loves, loved, lovable, lover, loving, lovingly love
low lower, lowland low
loyal loyalty loyal
luck luck, unlucky, unluckily luck
lump lumps lump
lunch lunches lunch
lung lungs lung
machine machines, machinery machine
mad madly, madman, madness, madden mad
mail mail
main mainly, mainland main
make makes, made, making, maker, make-up make
male males male
man men, manhood, mankind man
manage manages, managed, managing, management, manager manage
manners manners
manufacture manufactures manufacture
many many
map maps map
march marches, marching, marched march
mark marks, marked, marking mark
market markets market
marry marries, marrying, married marry
mass mass-meeting mass
master masters, mastered, mastering, masterful, masterly, masterpiece, mastery master
mat mats mat
match matches match
material materials material
matter matters matter
may may
meal meals meal
mean meant, meaning, means mean
meanwhile meantime meanwhile
measure measurement measure
meat meat
mechanic mechanics, mechanical, mechanically, mechanism mechanic
medicine medicines, medical, medically medicine
meet meets, met, meeting meet
melt melts, melted, melting melt
member members, membership member
memory memorial, memorise memory
mend mends, mended, mending mend
mention mentioned, mentions, mentioning mention
merchant merchants merchant
mercy merciful, merciless mercy
mere merely mere
merry merrily merry
message messages, messenger message
metal metals metal
middle middle-age, middle-aged, middle-class, middleman, mid-air, midday, midland, mid-night middle
might might
mild mildly, mildness mild
mile miles, mileage, milestone mile
milk milkmaid, milkman, milk-white, milky milk
mill mills, miller, mill-stone mill
mind minds, minded, minding mind
mine mines, miner, mineral mine
minister ministers minister
minute minutes minute
mis- misadventure, misapply, miscalculate, mischance, misconduct, misdirect, misfit, misconduct, misdirect, misfit, misfortune, misgovern, misguided, misinformed, mislead, mistrust, misunderstand, misuse mis-
miserable miserably, misery miserable
miss misses, missed, missing miss
mistake mistakes, unmistakably mistake
mix mixes, mixed, mixture mix
model models model
moderate moderately, moderation moderate
modern modernise modern
modest modestly, modesty modest
moment moments, momentary, momentarily moment
monday monday
money money
monkey monkeys monkey
month months, monthly month
moon moons, moonlight moon
moral immoral, immorality, morality, morally moral
more more
moreover moreover
morning morning morning
most mostly most
mother mothers, motherhood, motherly, mother-tongue mother
motion motion
motor motors motor
mountain mountains, mount, mountainous mountain
mouse mice mouse
mouth mouths, mouthful mouth
move moves, movement move
much much
mud muddy mud
multiply multiplies, multiplied, multiplication multiply
murder murder
music musical, musician music
must must
my mine, myself my
mystery mysterious mystery
nail nails nail
name names, nameless, namely name
narrow narrowly narrow
nation nations, national nation
native natives native
nature natural, naturally nature
near nearly near
neat neatly, neatness neat
necessary necessarily, necessity, unnecessary necessary
neck necks, necklace, necktie neck
need needs, needed, needing, needless, needy need
needle needles needle
neglect neglects, neglected neglect
neighbour neighbours, neighbouring, neighbourhood neighbour
neither neither
nephew nephews nephew
nest nests nest
net nets, network net
never never
new new-born, newly, news, newspaper new
next next
nice nicely nice
niece nieces niece
night nights, goodnight, tonight night
nine ninth nine
ninety ninetieth ninety
nineteen nineteenth nineteen
no nobody, nowhere, nonsense, nonsensical, nonexistent no
noble nobleman, nobleness, nobly noble
noise noises, noisy noise
none none
nonsense nonsense
noon noon
nor nor
north north-east, northern, northwards, north-west north
nose noses nose
not not
note notes, noted, notebook, notepaper note
nothing nothing
notice notices, noticed, noticing, noticeable, notice board notice
noun nouns noun
november november
now nowadays now
nowhere nowhere
nuisance nuisances nuisance
number numbers, numerous number
nurse nurses, nursery nurse
nut nuts nut
oar oars oar
obey obeyed, obeys, obeying, obedience, obedient obey
object objects, objected, objecting, objection, objectionable object
observe observes, observed, observing observe
occasion occasions, occasional, occasionally occasion
ocean oceans ocean
october october
of of
off off
offend offends, offended, offending, offence offend
offer offers, offering, offered offer
office offices, officer, official office
often often
oil oily, oilily oil
old older, oldest, old-fashioned old
omit omits, omitted, omitting, omission omit
on on
once once
one one-legged, oneness, one-sided, one way one
only only
onto onto
open opens, opened, opening, opening, open-air, openly open
operation operate, operates, operated, operating, operations operation
opinion opinions opinion
opportunity opportunities opportunity
opposite opposites, oppose opposite
or or
orange oranges orange
order orders, orderly order
ordinary ordinarily ordinary
organ organs organ
organise organises, organising, organised, organisation organise
origin original, originality, originally origin
ornament ornaments ornament
other others other
otherwise otherwise
ought ought
ounce ounces ounce
our ours our
out outbreak, outburst, outcry, outdoor, outer, outflow, outgoing, outgrowth, outlet, outline, outside, outwards, outlook, outlying, output, outspoken, outstanding, outnumber, outweigh, outline, outside out
over overbalance, overflow, overlook, oversight, overtake, overcoat, overgrown, overgrowth, overhanging, overcharge, overcrowd, overdo, overfeed, overestimate, overjoyed, overrate, overtime, overweight over
overcome overcomes, overcame, overcoming overcome
owe owes, owed, owing, owing to owe
own owns, owned, owning, owner, ownership own
pack packs, packed, packing, packing-case, package, packet pack
pad pads, padded, padding pad
page pages page
pain pains, painful, painfully pain
paint paints, painted, painter, painter paint
pair pairs pair
pale paleness pale
pan pans pan
paper paper
parcel parcels parcel
pardon pardoned, pardons, pardoning, unpardonable pardon
parent parents, parental parent
park parks park
part parts, particle, partly, partner, partial, partially part
particular in particular, particularly particular
party parties party
pass passes, passed, passing, past pass
passage passages, passenger, passengers passage
past past
paste pastes, pasted, pasting, pastry paste
path paths path
patient patient, patients, patience, patiently patient
patriotic patriotic
pattern patterns pattern
pause pauses pause
paw paws paw
pay pays, paying, paid, unpaid, payment pay
peace peaceful peace
pearl pearls pearl
peculiar peculiarly peculiar
pen pens pen
pencil pencils pencil
penny pennyworth penny
people people
per per
perfect perfection, perfectly perfect
perform performs, performed, performing, performer, performance perform
perhaps perhaps
permanent permanently permanent
permit permits, permission permit
person personal, personally person
persuade persuades, persuaded, persuading, persuasion persuade
pet pets pet
photograph photographs, photographic, photography photograph
pick picked, picks, picking, peck pick
picture pictures picture
piece pieces piece
pig pigs pig
pigeon pigeons pigeon
pile piles pile
pin pins pin
pinch pinches pinch
pink pink
pint pints pint
pipe pipes pipe
pity pity
place places, placed, placing place
plain plainly plain
plan plans, planned, planning plan
plant plants, planter plant
plaster plaster
plate plates plate
play plays, played, playing, player, playground, plaything play
please pleasant, unpleasant, pleasure, displeasure please
plenty plentiful plenty
plough plough
plural plural
pocket pockets, pocket-book pocket
poet poets, poetry, poem, poems, poetic poet
point points, pointed, pointer point
poison poisonous poison
police policeman police
polish polishes, polished, polishing polish
polite politely, politeness polite
political politically, politician, politics political
pool pools pool
poor poverty poor
popular popularly, popularity popular
population population
position positions position
possess possesses, possessed, possessing, possession, possessor possess
possible possibly, possibility, impossible, impossibility possible
post postage, postal, postman, postmaster, post-office post
postpone postpone
pot pots pot
pound pounds pound
pour pours, poured, pouring pour
poverty poverty
powder powdery powder
power powerful power
practical practically practical
practice practise, practises, practised, practising practice
praise praises, praised, praising praise
pray prays, prayed, praying, prayer pray
preach preaches, preached, preaching, preacher preach
precious precious
prefer prefers, preferred, preferring, preferable, preferably, preference prefer
prejudice prejudiced, unprejudiced prejudice
prepare prepares, prepared, preparing, preparation prepare
present presents, presented, presenting, presence present
preserve preserves, preserved, preserving, preservation preserve
president presidents president
press pressure press
pretend pretends, pretending, pretended, pretence pretend
pretty prettily, prettiness pretty
prevent prevents, preventing, preventing, prevention, preventive prevent
price prices price
pride pride
priest priests priest
print prints, printed, printing, printer print
prison prisons, prisoner, imprison prison
private private
prize prizes prize
probable probably, probability probable
problem problems problem
procession processions procession
produce produces, produced, producing, production produce
profession professions, professional profession
profit profits profit
programme programmes programme
progress progresses, progressed progress
promise promised promise
prompt promptly, promptness prompt
pronounce pronounces, pronounced, pronouncing, pronunciation pronounce
proof proofs proof
proper properly, improper, improperly proper
property property
propose proposes, proposed, proposing, proposal propose
protect protects, protected, protecting, protection protect
proud proudly, pride proud
prove proves, proved, proving, proof prove
provide provides, provided, providing provide
public publicly public
pull pulls, pulled, pulling pull
pump pumps, pumped, pumping pump
punctual punctuality, punctually punctual
punish punishes, punished, punishing, punishment punish
pupil pupils pupil
pure purely, purity, impure, impurity pure
purple purple
purpose purposes purpose
push pushed, pushing, pushes push
put puts, putting put
puzzle puzzles, puzzling puzzle
qualify qualifies, qualified, qualifying, qualification, qualifications qualify
quality qualities quality
quantity quantities quantity
quarrel quarrels, quarrelled, quarrelling, quarrelsome quarrel
quart quarts, quarterly, headquarters quart
quarter quarters quarter
queen queens queen
question questions question
quick quickly, quickness quick
quiet quieten, quietly, quietness quiet
quite quite
rabbit rabbits rabbit
race races race
radio radios radio
rail rails, railway rail
rain rains, rained, raining, rainbow, rainfall, rainwater, rainy rain
raise raises, raised, raising raise
rake rakes, raking, raked rake
rank ranks rank
rapid rapidly, rapidity rapid
rare rarely rare
rat rats rat
rate rates rate
rather rather
raw rawness raw
ray rays ray
razor razors razor
reach reaches, reached, reaching reach
read reads, reading, reader read
ready ready-made ready
real really, reality, realise, realisation real
reason reasons, reasonable, reasonableness, reasonably reason
receive receives, received, receiving, receiver, receipt receive
recent recently recent
recognise recognises, recognised, recognising, recognition recognise
recommend recommends, recommended, recommending, recommendation recommend
record records, recorded, recording record
red redden, reddish, red-hot red
reduc reduces, reduced, reducing, reduction reduce
refer referring, referred, refers, reference refer
reflect reflects, reflecting, reflected, reflection reflect
refresh refreshing, refreshed, refreshes, refreshing, refreshment, refreshments refresh
refuse refuses, refused, refusing, refusal refuse
regard regards, regarded, regarding, regardless, disregard regard
regret regrets, regretted, regretting regret
regular regularly, regularity, irregular, irregularly, irregularity regular
rejoice rejoices, rejoiced, rejoicing, rejoicing rejoice
relation relations, relative, relatives relation
relieve relieves, relieved, relieving, relief relieve
religion religions, religious religion
remain remains, remained, remaining, remains remain
remark remarks, remarked, remarking remark
remedy remedies remedy
remember remembers, remembered, remembering remember
remind reminds, reminding, reminded remind
rent rents, renting, rented rent
repair repairs, repaired, repairing repair
repeat repeats, repeated, repeating repeat
replace replaces, replaced, replacing, irreplaceable replace
reply replies, replied, replying reply
report reports, reported, reporting, reporter report
represent represents, represented, representing, representative represent
reproduce reproduces, reproduced, reproducing, reproduction reproduce
republic republics republic
reputation reputations reputation
request requests request
rescue rescues, rescued, rescuing rescue
reserve reserves, reserved, reserving reserve
resign resigned, resigns, resigning, resignation resign
resist resists, resisting, resisted, resistance resist
respect respectful, disrespect respect
responsible responsibility responsible
rest rests, rested, resting rest
restaurant restaurants restaurant
result results result
retire retires, retired, retiring, retirement retire
return returns, returned, returning return
revenge revenge
review reviews, reviewed, reviewing review
reward rewards, rewarded, rewarding reward
ribbon ribbons ribbon
rice rice
rich riches rich
rid rids rid
ride rides, riding, rode, riding ride
right right angle, rightly right
ring ringed ring
ripe ripen ripe
rise rises, rose, risen, rising rise
risk risks, risked, risking, risky risk
rival rivals, rivalry rival
river rivers river
road roads, roadside road
roar roars, roared, roaring roar
roast roast, roasting, roasted roast
rob robs, robbed, robbing rob
rock rocks, rocked, rocking rock
rod rods rod
roll rolls, rolled, rolling, roller roll
roof roofs roof
room rooms room
root roots root
rope ropes rope
rot rots, rotted, rotten rot
rough roughly, roughness rough
round roundabout round
row rows, rowed, rowing row
royal royalty royal
rub rubs, rubbed, rubbing rub
rubber rubber
rubbish rubbish
rude rudely, rudeness rude
rug rugs rug
ruin ruins ruin
rule ruled, rules, ruling rule
ruler rulers ruler
run runs, ran, running, runner run
rush rushes, rushed, rushing rush
rust rusty rust
sacred sacred
sacrifice sacrifices sacrifice
sad sadden, sadly, sadness sad
saddle saddles saddle
safe safety, save, saves, saved, saving safe
sail sails, sailed, sailing, sailor sail
sake sake
salary salaries, salaried salary
sale sales, salesman sale
salt salt
same same
sample samples sample
sand sandbank, sandhill, sandy sand
satisfy satisfies, satisfied, satisfying, dissatisfy, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, satisfactory, unsatisfactory satisfy
saturday saturday
sauce sauce
saucer saucers saucer
save saves, saving, saved save
saw saws, sawed, sawn, sawdust, sawmill saw
say says, said, saying say
scale scales scale
scarce scarcity, scarcely scarce
scatter scatters, scattered, scattering, scenery scatter
scene scenes scene
scent scent
school schools school
science sciences, scientific, scientist science
scissors scissors
scold scolds, scolded, scolding scold
scorn scornful scorn
scrape scrapes, scraped, scraping scrape
scratch scratches, scratched, scratching scratch
screen screens, screened, screening screen
screw screws, screwed, screwing screw
sea seas, sea-bathing, sea-coast, sea-level, seaman, seaport,

sea-power, sea-shell, sea-voyage, sea-wall, sea-water, sea-weed

search searches, searched, searching search
season seasons season
seat seats seat
second seconds, second-hand, secondly second
secret secrets, secrecy secret
secretary secretaries secretary
see sees, seen, seeing see
seed seeds seed
seem seems, seemed, seeming seem
seize seizes, seized, seizing seize
seldom seldom
self self-conscious, self-contained, self-control, self-defence, self-governing, self-government, self-interest, selfish, unselfish, self-respect, self-sacrifice self
sell sells, sold, selling, seller sell
send sends, sent, sending send
sense senses, senseless, insensible, sensitive, sensation, senseless, sensible, sensibly sense
sentence sentences sentence
separate separately, separation separate
september september
serious seriously serious
serve serves, served, serving, servant, service serve
set sets, setting set
settle settled, settles, settling, settlement, settler settle
seven seventh seven
seventeen seventeenth seventeen
seventy seventieth seventy
several several
severe severe
sew sews, sewing, sewn sew
shade shades, shady shade
shadow shadows, shadowy shadow
shake shakes, shaken, shaking shake
shall should shall
shallow shallowness shallow
shame shames, shamed, shaming, shameful, shameless shame
shape shapes, shaped, shaping, shapeless shape
share shares, shared, sharing share
sharp sharpen, sharpens, sharpened, sharpening, sharply sharp
shave shaves, shaved, shaving, shaving shave
she she
sheep sheep
sheet sheets sheet
shelf shelves shelf
shell shells, shell-fish shell
shelter shelter
shield shields, shielded, shielding shield
shilling shillings shilling
shine shines, shone, shining, shining, sunshine shine
ship ships, shipbuilding, shipment, shipper, shipwreck ship
shirt shirts shirt
shock shocks, shocked, shocking shock
shoe shoe, shoed, shoe-maker shoe
shoot shot, shoots, shooting, shot-gun shoot
shop shops, shopkeeper, shopkeeping, shop window shop
shore shores shore
short shorten, shortness, short sight short
should should
shoulder shoulders shoulder
shout shouts, shouted, shouting shout
show shows, shown, showing, showy show
shower showers shower
shut shuts, shutting shut
sick sickness, sick-room sick
side sides, sideways side
sight sight-seeing sight
sign signs, signature sign
signal signals signal
silence silent silence
silk silkworm, silky silk
silver silvery silver
simple simplicity, simply simple
since since
sincere sincerely sincere
sing sings, sang, sung, singer, song sing
single singly single
sir sir
six sixth six
sixty sixtieth sixty
sixteen sixteenth sixteen
sister sisters, sister-in-law sister
sit sits, sat, sitting, sitting-room sit
situation situations situation
size sizes size
skill skills, skilled, skilful, skilfully skill
skin skins skin
skirt skirts skirt
sky skies sky
slave slaves, slavery slave
sleep sleeps, slept, sleeping, sleepless, sleepiness sleep
slide slides, slid, sliding slide
slight slightly slight
slip slips, slipped, slipping, slippery slip
slope slopes, sloped, sloping slope
slow slowly, slow-moving, slowness slow
small smallness small
smell smells, smelled, smelling smell
smile smiles, smiled, smiling smile
smoke smokes, smoked, smoker, smoky smoke
smooth smoothly, smoothness smooth
snake snakes snake
snow snow-shoes, snow-storm, snow-white, snowy snow
so so-called so
soap soapy soap
society social, socially, societies society
sock socks sock
soft soften, softness, softly soft
soil soil
soldier soldiers soldier
solemn solemnly solemn
solid solidly solid
solve solves, solved, solving, solution solve
some somebody, somehow, someone, something, sometimes, somewhere some
son sons son
soon as soon as, sooner soon
sore sore
sorrow sorrow
sorry sorrowful, sorrowfully sorry
sort sort
soul souls soul
sound sounds sound
soup soup
sour sour
south south-east, south-eastern, southern, southward, south-west, south-western south
sow sows, sown, sowing sow
space spaced, spacing, spaces space
spade spades spade
spare spare
speak speaks, speaker, speech speak
special specially special
speed speed
spell spells, spelled, spelling spell
spend spends, spent, spending spend
spill spills, spilling spill
spin spins, spinning, spun, spinning-wheel spin
spirit spirits spirit
spit spits, spat, spitting spit
spite spite
splendid splendidly splendid
split splits, splitting split
spoil spoils, spoilt, spoiling spoil
spoon spoons, spoonful spoon
sport sports, sporting, sportsman sport
spot spots, spotted, spotless spot
spread spreads, spreading spread
spring springs, sprang, sprung, spring-time spring
square square
staff staff
stage stages stage
stain stains stain
stair stairs, staircase stair
stamp stamps stamp
stand stands, standing, stood stand
standard standards, standardise standard
star stars star
start starts, started, starting start
state states, stated, stating, statement state
station stations station
stay stays, stayed, staying stay
steady steadily steady
steal steals, stole, stolen steal
steam steam-boat, steam-engine, steamer, steamship steam
steel steel
steep steep
steer steers, steered, steering steer
stem stems stem
step steps, stepping-stone step
stick sticks, sticky stick
stiff stiffen, stiffly, stiffness stiff
still stillness still
sting stings, stung sting
stir stirs, stirred, stirring stir
stock stocks stock
stocking stockings stocking
stomach stomachs stomach
stone stones stone
stop stops, stopped, stopping, stoppage, stopper stop
store stores, stored, storing, store-house, store-keeper, store-room store
storm storms, stormy storm
story stories, story-teller, story-telling story
stove stoves stove
straight straighten straight
strange strangely, strangeness, stranger strange
strap straps strap
straw straws straw
stream streams stream
street streets street
strength strength
stretch stretches, stretched, stretching stretch
strict strictly strict
strike strikes, struck, striking, stroke strike
string strings string
strip strip
stripe striped stripe
strong strongly, strength strong
struggle struggles struggle
study studies, studying, studied study
stuff stuff
stupid stupidity, stupidly stupid
subject subjects subject
substance substances substance
succeed succeeds, succeeded, succeeding, successful, successfully succeed
success successes success
such such
suck sucks, sucked, sucking suck
sudden suddenly sudden
suffer suffers, suffering, sufferer suffer
sugar sugar
suggest suggests, suggested, suggesting, suggestion suggest
suit suits, suited, suited suit
summer summer
sun suns, sunbeam, sunburnt, sunlight, sunny, sunrise, sunset, sunshine sun
sunday sunday
supper suppers supper
supply supplies, supplying, supplied supply
support supports, supporting, supported support
suppose suppose
sure surely sure
surface surfaces surface
surprise surprises, surprising, surprisingly surprise
surround surrounds, surrounded, surrounding, surroundings surround
suspect suspects, suspected, suspecting, suspicion, suspicious, suspiciously suspect
swallow swallowed, swallowing, swallows swallow
swear swears, swearing, swore, sworn swear
sweat sweat
sweep sweeps, swept, sweeping sweep
sweet sweeten, sweetly sweet
swell swells, swelled, swelling swell
swim swims, swam, swum, swimming swim
swing swings, swung, swinging swing
sword swords sword
sympathy sympathetic, sympathetically, sympathise, sympathises sympathy
system systems, systematic, systematically system
table tables table
tail tails tail
tailor tailors tailor
take takes, took, taken, taking take
talk talked, talking, talks talk
tall tall
tame tame
tap taps, tapped, tapping tap
taste tastes, tasted, tasting, tasteless taste
tax taxes, taxed, taxing tax
taxi taxis taxi
tea tea
teach teaches, taught, teaching, teachings, teacher teach
tear tears, tore, torn, tearing tear
telegraph telegraph
telephone telephones telephone
tell tells, told, telling tell
temper temper
temperature temperature
temple temples temple
tempt tempts, tempter, temptation tempt
tend tends, tended, tending, tendency tend
tender tenderly, tenderness tender
tent tents tent
ten tenth ten
term terms term
terrible terribly terrible
test testing, tests, tested test
than than
thank thanks, thankful thank
that that
the the
theatre theatres, theatrical theatre
their theirs their
then then
there there
therefore therefore
these these
they they
thick thickly, thicken, thickness thick
thief thieves thief
thin thinly, thinness thin
thing things thing
think thinks, thought, thinking, thinker think
thirst thirsty thirst
thirteen thirteenth thirteen
thirty thirtieth thirty
this these this
thorn thorns thorn
thorough thoroughly thorough
those those
though although though
thought thoughts, thoughtful, thoughtfulness, thoughtless thought
thousand thousandth thousand
thursday thursday
threads, thread threads, thread
threaten threatens, threatening, threatened threaten
three third three
throat throats throat
through throughout through
throw throws, thrown, threw, throwing throw
thumb thumbs thumb
thunder thunder
thus thus
ticket tickets ticket
tide tides, tidal tide
tidy tidies, tidied, tidying tidy
tie ties, tied, tying tie
tight tighten, tightens, tightened, tightening, tightly tight
till until till
time times, timely time
tin tins, tinned tin
tip tips, tipped, tipping tip
tire tires, tiring, tired tire
title titles title
to to
tobacco tobacco
today today
toe toes toe
together together
tomorrow tomorrow
ton ton
tongue tongues tongue
tonight tonight
too too
tool tools tool
tooth teeth tooth
top top
total totals, totally total
touch touches, touched, touching touch
tough tough
tour tours, tourist tour
toward towards toward
towel towels towel
tower towers tower
town towns, town-hall town
toy toys toy
track tracks, tracked, tracking track
trade trades, trading, trader, tradesman trade
train trains, trained, training train
translate translates, translated, translating, translation, translator translate
trap traps, trapped, trapping, trapper trap
travel travels, travelled, travelling travel
tray trays tray
treasure treasurer, treasurers treasure
treat treats, treated, treating treat
tree trees tree
tremble trembles tremble
trial trials trial
tribe tribes tribe
trick tricks trick
trip trips trip
trouble troubles, troubled, troublesome trouble
true truly, truth, truthful, truthfulness true
trunk trunks trunk
trust trusts, trusted, trusting, entrust, trustee trust
try tries, tried, trying, trial try
tube tubes tube
tuesday tuesday
tune tunes tune
turn turns, turning, turn-over, turning-point turn
twelve twelfth twelve
twenty twentieth twenty
twist twists, twisted, twisting twist
two second two
type types, typed, typing, typewriter, typewrite, typist type
ugly ugly
umbrella umbrellas umbrella
uncle uncles uncle
under underneath, underclothing, underfeed, undergraduate, underground, underline, undersell under
understand understands, understood, understanding understand
union unions, unit, unite, unity union
universe universal universe
university universities university
unless unless
until until
up uphill, uppermost, upside-down, upstairs, uphold, upkeep, uplift, uproot up
upon upon
upper uppermost upper
upright upright
upset upsets, upsetting upset
upward upwards upward
urge urges, urged, urging, urgent, urgently urge
use uses, used, using, useful, usefulness, useless, user use
usual usually usual
vain vainly vain
valley valleys valley
value values, valuable, valueless value
various variously various
veil veils veil
verb verbs verb
verse verses verse
very very
vessel vessels vessel
victory victories, victorious victory
view views view
village villages village
violent violence, violently violent
virtue virtuous virtue
visit visits, visiting, visitor visit
voice voices voice
vote votes, voted, voting, voter vote
vowel vowels vowel
voyage voyages voyage
wage wages wage
waist waists, waistcoat waist
wait waits, waited, waiting, waiter, waitress wait
wake wakes, woke, waking wake
walk walks, walked, walking, walking-stick walk
wall walls wall
wander wanders, wandered, wandering wander
want wants, wanted, wanting want
war wars war
warm warmly, warmth warm
warn warns, warned, warning warn
wash washes, washed, washing wash
waste wastes, wasted, wasting, wasteful, wastefulness waste
watch watches, watched, watching, watchful, watchfulness watch
water water-bottle, watercourse, waterfall, waterpipe, waterproof, water-tight, waterway, water-wheel, waterworks, watery water
wave waves, waved, waving, wavy wave
wax wax
way ways, wayside, doorway, gateway way
we we
weak weaken, weakness weak
wealth wealthy wealth
weapon weapons weapon
wear wears, wore, worn, worn-out wear
weather weather
weave weaves, wove, woven weave
wednesday wednesday
weed weeds weed
week weeks, weekday, weekend, weekly week
weigh weighs, weighed, weighing, weight weigh
welcome welcomes, welcomed, welcoming welcome
well well-bred, well-built, well-done, well-meaning, well-meant well
west western, westward west
wet wet
what whatever what
wheat wheat
wheel wheels wheel
when whenever when
where wherever where
whether whether
which whichever which
while whilst, meanwhile, worth-while while
whip whips whip
whisper whispers, whispering, whispered whisper
whistle whistles, whistling whistle
white white-hot, whiten, whiteness, whitewash white
who whoever, whom who
whole wholly whole
whose whose
why why
wicked wickedly, wickedness wicked
wide wide-awake, widely, widen, wide-spread, width wide
widow widows widow
wife wives wife
wild wildly wild
will willing, willingly, unwilling will
win wins, won, winning win
wind winds, wound, winding wind
window windows window
wine wines wine
wing wings wing
winter winters, wintry winter
wipe wipes, wiped, wiping wipe
wire wireless wire
wise wisely, wisdom wise
wish wishes, wished, wishing wish
with with
within within
without without
witness witnesses witness
woman women woman
wonder wonders, wondered, wondering, wonderful, wonderfully wonder
wood woods, wooded, wooden, woodland, woodwork wood
wool woollen, woolly wool
word words word
work works, worked, working, workings, workable, unworkable, worker, working-class, workman, workshop, workmanship work
world world-wide, worldly, worldliness world
worm worms worm
worry worrying, worries, worried worry
worse worsen worse
worship worships, worshipped, worshipping worship
worst worst
worth worthless, worth-while worth
would would
wound wounds, wounding, wounded wound
wrap wraps, wrapped, wrapping, wrapper wrap
wreck wreck, wrecked, wrecking, wreckage, shipwreck wreck
wrist wrists wrist
write writes, wrote, writing, handwriting write
wrong wrong-doer, wrong-doing, wrongly wrong
yard yards yard
year years, yearly, year-old year
yellow yellowness yellow
yes yes
yesterday yesterday
yet yet
yield yields, yielding yield
you your, yours, yourself you
young youngster young
youth youths, youthful youth
zero zero