Table 02: The Dubai Mall and Deira City Center

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How many things are being compared?
What is being compared?
What are their names?
In how many ways are they being compared?
Which is greater, the similarities or the differences?
In how many ways are they exactly the same?
What are the biggest (“major”; “most obvious”; “most striking”) differences?
What adjectives will you use?

Compare and Contrast two shopping malls

One thought on “Table 02: The Dubai Mall and Deira City Center

  1. The table shows two malls Dubai Mall and Deira. I talk about many thing in this report. First, I will talk about difference. Afther that, I will talk about the similarities. Overall, this table have 8 difference and 2 similarities.

    First, I will talk about difference for example: size of the mall, key features, car parking, furniture, clothes shops, and electronic shop. Also many thing now I will talk about. Dubai Mall bigger than Deira city center. In Dubai Mall have many key features for example: Ice ring and aquarium. The 2 malls have different car parking in Dubai Mall have 9.870 parking but in Deira city centre have 2,500. The clothes shops in Dubai Mall Just over 150.

    Now, I will talk about similarities for example :hy permarkets and Book shops. All the malls have hy permarkets in Dubai Mall have 3 but in the Deira city centre has 1 hy permarket. In Dubai Mall and Deira have Three Book shops.

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