Model Report for Table 08

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The rabbit compared to the tortoise

Model Report

The table provides some facts and figures on two animals, the tortoise and the rabbit. In this report I am going to compare and contrast their differences and similarities. Overall, the differences are greater than the similarities.

I shall start with the ways in which they are similar, there are three similarities. They are exactly the same in one way, both live in Europe and Asia. The tortoise and the rabbit have approximately the same height at around 60cm. Moreover, they are similar because both eat the same sorts of food (vegetation), however the rabbit also eats carrots.

Now I will describe the differences between them (four in total). The biggest difference between them is speed, the rabbit is much faster than the tortoise (30 mph compared to 2 mph). Another major difference between the rabbit and the tortoise is their lifespan, the rabbit lives for 2 years whereas the tortoise lives for 56 years. Furthermore, in terms of weight the difference is also significant, the rabbit is lighter than the tortoise (3.5 kg compared to 11.5 kg).